Thursday, 8 December 2011

Racist Rant - My Tram Experience

This now infamous clip has been around for a couple of weeks in the the UK. For you guys outside of the UK you probably have not seen it.

It's basically a woman ranting racist abuse in South London on a tram full of various people from different backgrounds.

I'm interested to know your thoughts on the clip. One of the responses from another racist guy to this video was to question why multiculturalism is not prevalent in other countries like Japan, China, Zimbabwe, Libya etc. While I am opposed to the views of the woman in the clip and her supporters I think the question is quite interesting. It might simply be to do with economic reasons, language barriers or is there a lot more to it? Maybe all countries will become multicultural over time or maybe not.


  1. alright mate

    I think whatever your views are, to put a young child into that kind of enviroment/situation is awful.

    My little lad looks to be a similar age to the boy in the clip, and i would do everything in my power to get him away from a volatile situation, nevermind create one like that women did, she is obviously just a scumbag and had no respect for anyone on the train regardless of their ethnic origin.

    I think the question you pose is way too deep for a poker blog m8 lol

  2. Haha, yeah. I just like to mix it up between poker posts.

    She is currently in jail for this rant until sometime in Jan when her case opens. She is definitely not fit to be a mother. I hope her little one is being looked after. He is probably too young to understand what was going on

  3. I am a white immigrant from Zimbabwe and face the same thing every day from people ' Whya re you here, go home?' I feel sorry for anyone one with a different skin colour. I feel whiel she is entitled to her opinion they way in which she expressed it is offensive to most people. Not only was she being racist she was offending people with the language she was using. This woman would be in jail for 4yrs in any other country. At the end of the day these people go through so much to get into the U.K. filling out forms, having tests, paying through the teeth for visas etc and they pays for everything with no goverment handouts... they work for it and have more right to be there than the spongers who live off the goverment and don't life a finger!

  4. Stay strong friend. There are far worse places for racism than London but we do have our fair of abusive people. Its a lot harder today for racists to get away with anything like you see in the video clip than it was in the 70s and 80s in England so I do think things are getting better.


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