Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Challenge

I'm back on the grind today after a small break for exams.

As the year is nearing to an end lots of players find themselves in a late rush to hit a milestone before 23:59 on 31/12/2011. Sadly I am also one of the grinders who has not planned the run in to year end very well.

Here are the cliffs:

Target: 300,000 VPPs
Current: 271,024 VPPs
Required: 28,976
Time Limit: 17 Days
VPPs per day: 1,704
Bankroll: $1,800
Level: 50NL-100NL
Tables: 16-24
Hours per day: 8-11.5
Milestone Value: $2,800
Obstacles: Xmas

Now I know what people will be saying... 'move up you nit'.

I have not deposited any cash into poker since July 2010 (except for deposit bonuses) and would need to if I wanted to play higher. Not depositing is one thing that I am quite proud about and a goal of mine is to never deposit money into poker ever again apart from if I have to join a new site or for deposit bonuses. Due to cash outs my current roll is pretty low and will only let me grind up to nl100 unless I make some winnings. Another issue is that nl200 is known as the place where dreams go to die and I would like to avoid that level until January as it is pretty tough.

This will mean a tough grind of 8-11.5 hours depending on how many tables and which level I choose. I will probably mix tables from NL50 and NL100. My main problem whether to increase my tables from 16. My game deteriorates a little with each table that I add above 16 and I don't want to start playing really badly. Every time there is a milestone hand promo I push to between 20 and 24 tables and I usually lose money. I find 16 tables perfect for game.

The other problem is nights out that I have planned over the Xmas period. So far there are 3 booked with 2 potentials. I will have to juggle these as I don't want to miss out on the bonus as it is my holiday in Jan to one of the Canary Islands :D. This one is gonna be close. I better get on the tables right now.



  1. It's gonna be a tough grind. Just stay focused and disciplined. Consider playing more NL100 in the last days. Best of luck. Let us know how it goes.

  2. Only 2hrs so far today. Time to grind

  3. Good luck with the grind!
    Less time gawping at Evangeline Lily required :)

  4. Spent a lot of time with the missus last 2 days so behind pace.

    Also only getting 0.13 VPPs per hand at nl50 for some reason today. Going on a mad grind next 3 days


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