Friday, 28 December 2012

2013 Plan

I thought long and hard about the idea of chasing SNE in 2013 and it was very close but in the end Stars switch to Weighted Contribution has put paid to that and VPPs are just too hard to come by at the levels that I play and want to play.

Instead my goal will be to improve my game, move up levels and win. I will target the 400k VPP mark which is something that I have never achieved in a calendar year before.

I also want to play more regularly in the live scene and at higher levels. In 2012 I played like once a month but from Feb onwards I want to work towards playing once a week and also to go to a few new venues like FOX and DTD.

My $$ target will be to make $20k pure online winnings + all the FPP/VPP bonuses for hitting 400k VPPs. I also want to win $5k in live games.

That's pretty much it..!!

GL to all in 2013


  1. Just my 2cent but... monetary goals isn't a good goal to set. And regarding improving your game, try to be more specific, choose instead 2-3 areas on your game which you want to improve. Gl and happy new year :)

  2. Main goals will be 400k VPPs and try establish myself as a semi-live reg too

  3. Good luck Rosh and happy new year.


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