Saturday, 22 December 2012

Last 2 Million Hands


  1. That downswing at around hand 1.25M looks painful.

  2. she from the concierge service......i want one

  3. Replies
    1. All levels from NL2 to NL200 but I would say majority around 70% is NL50

  4. wow.... sick graph. Sorry for the bad run you had in the middle of this period.I hope you continue crushing and hopefully move up to 100-200NL, with the same results(I have trouble when I try that:(...)

    "I got my PC paid for with my FPPs via Stars concierge service, lol :)"- was it cheaper than in a normal store? I never used this service... Live tournament packages have good pricesin the pokerstars store.

  5. Ty Dan,

    Concierge service just exchanges FPPs at the top conversion rate (same as the 100k cash bonus) for any bill you send them. So it just helps cash flow. Minimum is $500 IIRC. I bought the PC online and sent them the bill and they took my FPPs to pay for it.

  6. wow....that is cool...but it costs 31000VPP's.... isnt that expansive, for something like this(its like 500$). I guess it makes sence for players that have a small bankroll and rally need the money and cant wait for the 100.000FPP=1600$.

  7. It doesn't cost 31k, that's the minimum exchange value which equates to around a minimum of $500.

    So, if you bought a PC for $1,000 then @1.6c per FPP it be 1,000/0.016 = 62,500 FPPs so you could send the bill to stars and they would send you the $1,000 in cash converted to your stars balance and take 62,500 FPPs from your account in exchange.

    At the time I used it the top conversion was only available for the $4,000 FPP cash bonus (now scrapped) which took ages to save up for but now as you say the top one is $1,600 so I would not use concierge now


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