Friday, 1 February 2013

January 2013 Review

It was going to be pretty hard to top last month's record takings and considering that I didn't want to move up too much till Feb it was very unlikely.

I didn't beat it but had a shot with a very good start after having most of week 1 off. It slowed down at the end and I cruised home to a decent start.

The most interesting part of Jan was my foray into 6-max and starting out quite high at NL100 ZOOM. I somehow managed to beat it for 10.37bb/100 over 15k hands which is a very small sample. I won't read too much into it as I always like 300k+ samples to get a good idea of winrate.

The final numbers for January are as follows:

159,759 Hands Played
18,985 VPPs

+$3,481 (Cash Game Winnings)
+$1,600 (FPP Cash Bonus)
+$200 (Stellar Rewards)
-$10 (Tourney Losses)
+$5,271 (Total Month)



I splashed a little money in Omaha and did really badly as usual. Don't think I will touch it in Feb. I do however hope to kick off some live as well as a few higher shots online.

GL in Feb..!!


  1. U are crushing dude. Are you planning to move up to NL200 sh zoom and maybe go for sne next year?

  2. Not quite crushing but doing ok :) I still have one eye on SNE this year but I will need to put in serious VPPs Feb/Mar to have a shot, more realistically probably 400 or 500k this year.

    Not sure about NL200 6-max, I'd prefer to go NL200+ at FR normal tables. 6-max is interesting and maybe more profitable but tough to multi-table, so many decisions where as you can do a little auto-piloting in FR.


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