Tuesday, 26 February 2013

WBCOOP 2013 - World Blogger Chamionship Of Poker

There have been numerous up and downs over my time playing poker. I first learnt sit and goes then moved on to MTTs and then went on to playing cash games. Later I played omaha and also 8-game. I played both live and online.

The best part of it all was moving up through the ranks from the bottom at NL2 to playing over 20k hands at NL400.

I am now looking forward to playing this years WBCOOP series..!!

Last year's entry was a lot more interesting..!!


  1. when will this series take place? I can't find it on the pokerstars lobby.

  2. I can see them there when you type 'wbcoop' into the filter. Series runs from March 1st - 11th

  3. Hi,

    I would like to ask you a question regarding your views on Pokerstars` WBCOOP Series.

    Firstly it has come to my attention that Pokerstars are not evaluating the rules which clearly state that players must have made a blog to participate in the WBCOOP. Players are being allowed to join the WBCOOP and clearly they have not made a blog so is it right that if a player wins this tournament without making a blog that it is legal as stated in theirT&Cs?

    I think that Pokerstars should implement their rules as stated in the T&Cs and not allow players to join the WBCOOP.

    What are your views on this matter ?


    P.S Please spread the word and post in this thread http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/28/internet-poker/attention-real-bloggers-wbcoop-farce-1306241/

  4. Well done spotting the fakes and alerting Stars. I obviously completely agree that the T&Cs for entry should be followed properly. I hope they exclude any scam entrants..!!


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