Monday, 4 February 2013

Playing Poker Blind - HUDless For 2 Days

Feb has got off to a pretty bad start on days 1 n 2. My HEM1 had a partial crash and I was only able to play without my HUD and hand import.

This may not sound that bad but when you start playing you soon realise how many tough spots arise that urgently require a HUD.

The toughest spot was when I squeezed on the button with AKo and the overcaller re-popped pretty big. This is a spot where I like to know how loose a player he is before I decide what to do. I decided to jam with no stats available and he showed AA. If he was a nit I would have folded my AKo vs if he was a lag, fish or whale I would snap jam. 

It took ages to sort out my issues but I am back up n running and looking forward to hitting the tables again. While Holdem Manager support is pretty good in terms of quality there response times can be very slow so it took around 2 days and 6 or 7 emails to sort out.

Nice to be back :)

Graphs playing HUDless:




  1. alright mate

    awesome results for you last month mate, nice start to 2013.

    upgrade to HM2....thought u were a pro lol, it is completely stable now mate

    If you need help setting it up or creating a HUD give me a shout. Or i can send you the files for my full ring HUD and popups which i think rock lol. (see my blog post just before chrimbo)

  2. Cheers Rossi!

    I need to upgrade my machine first. Once I do that I will probably get HEM2 and giv u a shout, cheers


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