Saturday, 25 February 2012

Comeback Complete + WBCOOP Event 7

The recovery from the downswing is complete. The graph shows what the month looks like with me hitting a low of -28 BIs.

It feels like I have been running way below EV though the graph does not show that. I always wonder how accurate the RED line really is. Personally I don't pay too much attention to it like other players do. I just try to play the best I can in every single pot.

Today I finished in 25th place in WBCOOP Event #7. I won a $16.50 SCOOP ticket + entry to the WBCOOP Main Event on Sun March 4th. I have 6 Tournaments left so lets try n bring back more tickets..!!

There was a pretty cool 4-way All-In pre pot which I took down, knocking out all 3 opponents:

Good luck to Liverpool FC for tomorrow's Cup Final. I hope that we will be seeing something like this:

Finally, a quick thanks to all of you that watch the YouTube clips on the side pane. It helps generate a little cheeseburger cash every month so keep clicking. Cheers..!!



  1. nice comeback mate.

    up the LFC

  2. Cheers Man,

    Extra time in play, lets take this down..!!

  3. well rosh im now convinced that how ever you run is how im going to be running im certain of it. so if you could just run good for the rest of the year that would be great. thanks :)

  4. I play to run good for the rest of my life...!!

  5. alright cool i can work with that


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