Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fish on a Heater

I am a fish on a heater at the moment.

I have been a bit of a play-master this last week and its been fun exercising my FPS across the felt playing a 27/20/4 style in one session.

I have now calmed the **** down and am back nitting it up playing my usual 10/10/0.5.

My downswing this month was 28 Buy-Ins which is big but not too huge. I am well on my way to making it all back and potentially some profit in the form of winnings (shocker).

My graph from this last week looks like this:


  1. very impressive, congratz. It's a good feeling when you get back what you've lost.

  2. Cheers Bold... it does feel good..!! I am now 6 BIs up in Feb having been down 28 BIs

  3. I'm amazed you managed to find an actual image of a fish on a heater. What a world we live in these days!

  4. The Wonderful World Wide Web....

  5. dude nl50 is fun, i splashed around like hell and made 500bucks^^ everyone has 80% cbet and 30%cbet turn and checks calls turn folds river. its like printing money.

  6. Every time I move up to NL100 or NL200 I see the difference in Regs. Da Fiddy can be pretty awesome at times.

    So, ur an Austrian Short Stacker that won't reveal his screen name. I reckon you will be pretty easy to find :D


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