Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pokerstars WBCOOP 2012

The WBCOOP (World Blogger Championship of Online Poker) is back for 2012.

There are 30 tournaments running from February 23 - March 4 2012.

These are a variety of events scheduled that include No Limit Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, Fixed Limit Badugi, 8-Game, Stud and many variations thereof.

Bloggers who meet the entry criteria will be awarded 10 tickets to play in these freeroll events which have cash prizes, live tournament packages and online tournamaent seats up for grabs. There is also a series tournament leader board in which your score from all 10 events will be added up. You will then have a chance to win some additional prizes.

Also up for grabs is $5,000 for the best blogger prize.

Last year was pretty good for me as I won a few prizes including SCCOP tickets and I also managed to final table one of the events.

So what would I do with an extra 5 grand in the bank??

1.  Travel

I could step up my travel plans and add to the current list of destinations that I have already been to if I had a few extra bucks floating around.

I would love to visit South America for the first time going to Brazil, Bolivia or Peru. The Machu Picchu Inca site looks like an amazing destination.

I have still never been to Las Vegas which is like a mecca for poker players and gamblers alike. This would be one of my top destinations to visit and a trip during the WSOP in the summer would be fantastic.

There are other places like Canada and Australia that really interest me too.

2. Take on the Big Boys

I am currently tackling all my favourite clowns and jokers of NL50 while having an occasional shot at NL100 and NL200.

A bigger roll would see me step into playground of some of the bigger boys and take them on. I could do this without busting my whole roll in a single session if it was padded up with a few extra G's.

Bring on the NL1k....!!

3. Red Letter Days 

The Red Letter Days are special events that only cost between like $30 and $300. There are a few that I want to go on like:

- Ferrari Driving
- Hot Air Ballooning
- Segway Rallying
- Vinyard Tour
- Flight Simulator
- Extreme Dodgems
- Gordon Ramsey at Claridges Four-Course Menu
- Clay Pigeon Shooting

4. Buy a New Toy

Sadly $5,000 will not stretch to a new BMW but there are few new toys that I would be able to afford like these:

- A new Samsung Galaxy S2 phone
- A new wide screen TV
- Terry the Swearing Turtle
- Budweiser mini fridge
- Mr Beer Premium Gold Beer Kit
- DJ controller for ipod

5. Give Something Back

In the past I used to make regular donations to charities and good causes in the UK and Internationally. Over the last 2 or 3 years I have slacked in this department.

I think its time to make a few donations again.!

6. Treat the Missus

The things that I could do in this category are pretty much endless. I could make write hundreds of items here but I will list only a few:

- Jewellery
- Bags
- Shoes
- Treatments
- Hair Styling
- Weekends Away
- Nights Out

7. Olympic Tickets 

The Olympics are in London this year. It is a huge deal and has been talked about for the last few years. Most of the tickets have already been sold but some are still available and also unwanted ones will come back on sale although maybe at a premium.

Event that I would like to see:

- Athletics
- Boxing
- Cycling
- Badminton
- Football
- Tennis

8. Investments and Savings

I used to buy £500 worth of a new stock every now and again in the past. Sadly these days I do more selling than buying. A bit of spare cash would let me buy 1 or 2 new stocks and add to my portfolio.

I could also do with a bit of rainy day money

Lets take down the WBCOOP...!!!

GL All


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