Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Finishing on a High + WBCOOP Event 15

The back end of February is looking pretty hot as I have turned things around from the early month disaster.

I've been on a good run since August 2011 winning at over 2bb/100 across the games of which I have mainly played NL50. The start of this month was the worst run I have had since then.

I have cashed again in WBCOOP, this time a 20th place finish in event 15 which was a Turbo NLHE offering.

There could be some surprise news coming out in March or April so watch out for that.

Here is the back end of the month graph:


  1. solid, i hope zoom comes out in march... double SNE incoming^^

  2. Thx

    I'm not sure what impact Zoom will have on the player pool but personally it will be useful when I have between 5-15 mins to kill which is not enough for a proper sesh but perfect for zoom.

  3. u norm cash in for $1,500 ? lose a lot of value ($250 every 250k) over the course of a year or more. obviously understand might need cash but as im discovering myself it best chasing best promotions and value possible especially when rakeback makes up a big % of our overall profits these days.

    Animal (too lazy to login!)

  4. Ya, just cash flow issues. I have got a few $4,000 bonuses before but generally go for the $1,500. The next one should be a $4,000 hopefully


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