Friday, 24 February 2012

Daniel Negreanu Real Talk VBLog + WBCOOP 2012 Update

A little chat from DN with some words for the Full Tilt guys.

Forward to 6:00 for the FT stuff:

In other tournament news WBCOOP has started for me with a big smack in the face followed by a big knee in the balls.

Tournament #1 was going ok, I was up to around 14k chips from the original 10k when I isolated a limper in the CO with KQs, SB calls and so does the limper. I flop the nut straight and cbet. The SB check raises me the minimum and I just smooth call. The turn is a blank and he leads out quite big and I shove. He makes quad Jacks on the river and I am left crippled. I was out with A7 shortly afterwards

Tournament #2 was a 6-max PLO event which was going extremely well as I was bossing the table and the other players didn't seem to know what they were doing (rewind a year and that was me). I had almost doubled my stack when another played arrived who was aggro and knew how to play. We got into a 3-way pot with a short stack and got it in on the turn with both of us having the nut straight but he had a re-draw to the flush which duly arrived on the river to knock me out. GG.

So my quest for a main event ticket continues with 8 events remaining. I have to cash in 1 to be awarded a ME tkt.

If there was ever a reminder as to why I hate tournaments and love cash games then today was it.

Back to the cash grind..!!


  1. Props to D.N. very true lol . Good luck on the rest of the Tourneys.

    PS: we know you love the tourneys as well :P

  2. Cheers AIC..!!

    The Tourney Luv will grow once I bag a big prize...!! :)


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