Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Worst Day Ever at NL50

After being set over set 5 times and running KK into AA 4 times my day yesterday looked like this:

It is probably my 2nd worst day ever in terms of BIs lost although I have had bigger loss days at higher levels in terms of $$$.

I made about 3-4 mistakes in big pots which I am annoyed about but apart from that it was just a bad day at the office. I hope I can make up the losses in the remainder of the month.


  1. Sorry to see this but i like that you post the bad as well as the good. Have been following your blog for while now and always enjoy reading. Keep up the good work & stay on the grind! - My blog: (not posted since black Friday but still play a bit .. (badly)

  2. Geez that's only a 16 Buyin downswing . Time for Rosh to get up off the mat and start throwing some punches back .Theres still 6 more rounds this Month let's see if you can start "K'O"ing those nuubsssssssssssssssssss Good luck i have faith in you.

  3. I have just started playing a little bit of 50NL over the last 2 days. Not looking forward to when this day happens, hope its not for a while yet :). Bounce back form this you will get em. From what I see the 50nl games are pretty decent.

  4. Dan, thx for the kind words. I checked your blog

    All-in, 16 BIs in one day is a lot, haha. Your posts always crack me up. I need to catch up wit u on skype. I aint been on for ages.

    GT, games are pretty good at NL50. I hav been winning at over 2+bb/100 since August

  5. just out of curiosity...assuming that we play a game of incomplete info, don't you think that advertising downswing and possible tilt is EV- for you ?

    GL, hate playing against you :)

  6. My tilt control is actual very good and once I publish a note about it I am already back to solid play, so no loss in information EV


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