Saturday, 12 May 2012

100,000 Page Views

I can still briefly remember writing a pretty lame first post just over 2 years ago while thinking 'why the hell am I doing this? no-one is ever going to read this.'

In the first few weeks after supernova125 was born I would get around 2 to 3 readers a day.

I wondered how they arrived in my little corner of the worldwide-web as nobody even knew my blog existed. I then realised there was a 'click next blog' button on blogger sites to get to a random blog. I guess that was where my initial traffic came from.

I then spammed PTR with my blog link and got a lot of abuse for doing so :) but I also got a few readers which was quite cool.

The best part of blogging is the interaction with other bloggers and poker players. It can also be quite therapeutic ranting about a beat or huge suckout or just posting some pics of semi naked women. Its is also very useful for recalling my past results when I forget them.

Hopefully if I continue to blog long enough I will one day reach 1,000,000 page views.


  1. Congrats on the page view milestone. Definitely a cool accomplishment. Keep it up!

  2. Way to go Bro :) .I always enjoy reading what you have to say. Only 899,919 more Page views to get there lol . Million weee, just say it lol sounds so strong I raise you a Millionnnnnnnn ...

    1. Haha AIC

      2 years to get to 100,000
      20 years to get to 1,000,000??? That's a lot of blargging :)

  3. That's great Rosh. I've been averaging about 100 page views/day since I started so at that rate I'd take 3 years. The problem is most of them are me re-reading stuff and altering my pages!

    I also went for the spamming PTR approach.... about 24 hours before PTR got shut down for Stars. It's a shame we're not allowed to market ourselves on 2p2, we'd get a ton of new readers from there.

  4. Cheers Ron,

    Altering my pages constantly got me thrown outta Google adsense :)

    100 page views a day already is pretty good going since you only been up n running for a short time

    1. I have to alter my posts about 10 times after I've posted cos I'm usually doing something else while I'm writing them (usually playing, which probably costs me a fortune in lost concentration at the tables) so I end up with a ton of typos etc.

      Do you mind me asking how many page views/unique visitors you get per day? Is fine if you want to keep that private. I just have no idea really what kind of figures I should be looking at.

    2. If I write an interesting post it will generate around 200 visitors and 300+ Page views.

      A day with no posts will get about 100 visitors and and 150 Page views.

      If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will see the last thing bottom left is a tiny icon link to my sitemeter stats page. There are some interesting charts, graphs and stats there. You may want to install it on your site too.

    3. That looks pretty cool. I'm using Google Analytics to track my site, as well as some stuff that comes with Wordpress to track where people are coming from, what pages they're looking at, what links they're clicking etc. I think I'm probably getting around 20-30 visits on a non-post day and 60-80 on a day where I post, but it's pretty erratic. Hopefully I'll build up some decent traffic soon.

  5. Nice. Blogger has a few good stats too

    You will get to 100,000 pages in a year or less if you continue at the rate your going at. Although 20% of that figure might b u editing :)


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