Sunday, 6 May 2012

Almost Deep in the Million

I just came very close to having an ultra deep run in the Quarterly $1m Freeroll for Supernova+ players.

I'm not a big fan of tournies but with this much value in a freeroll you simply can't miss it.

It was also the 2nd one of the year and generally that has the lowest turnout of the four as many will have lost their supernova status due to not accruing enough monthly VPPs in 2012.

Here is the money shot:


  1. still $550 towards the months results mate.

    Liverpool had a good half an hour yesterday lol

  2. Would have made a good season if we won the cup. Lets see what Kenny can do next year.

  3. Hey! I was following this tournament..but just couldn't watch all of it. Could u maybe post the top ten ?

    Thx! And keep up the good job :)


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