Tuesday, 29 May 2012

More Maniac Spewage


I thought I would have some fun limping AA as in Zoom every limp seems to get raised straight away. I get raised, this is then followed by 3 more callers. I re-raise and the original raiser folds, the button calls and the blinds both fold.

Not 100% sure why but I decide to crai instead of cbetting. Probably something to do with his insta call pre. I think he could be splashy.

I have no info on this guy so its very hard to assign him a range but I will put him on any pair 22-QQ, AQ+. I think he will get KK in pre. When he half pot bets the flop after I check he pretty much has a pair, some King or possibly air. I don't think he has an 8 in his range apart from 88.

I then bet just over a min raise to encourage him to come along with a King but he jams over the top. I did not expect to see QTo.


  1. When doing any kind of range analysis, always remember to factor in that little bit extra for spaz-equity.

    Never underestimate the power of stupidity.

    This is applicable not just to poker, but to life in general.


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