Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sick 10 Month Heater

My last 10 months

This has really inspired me to move up but the 4 or 5 attempts that I have made recently have ended up pretty much break even.

I am thinking about a few different options. I may throw in a lot more live sessions at higher stakes or maybe play more Omaha. I will definitely continue to try to transition slowly up to NL200 in the FR games as well.


  1. show all in EV :P

  2. Dammmnn, I just checked it and I am running hellish good around 4,000 bb above :)

  3. Sick graph man, keep it up!

  4. nice, well done man.

  5. well done Rosh!

  6. Went on a massive down day straight after posting this graph. Was down about 10 BIs in the blink of an eye. I have won around 8 back tho


    1. Tip to avoid downswinging:

      1) Don't cash out
      2) Don't cash in a bonus
      3) Don't slowroll a shortstack when they have >0% equity
      4) Don't post a sick winning graph

      (BTW - nice graph!)

  7. Number 4 is the killer. Gotta stop winning and posting these giraffes.

    Glad to say that I am now only 1 BI down since the peak of that graph. Bring it back..!!

  8. I think the worst part of a downswing is after winning it back and thinking..hmmm if only that didn't happen, I'd be up 10 BI's right not LOL. Funny how it works though...post a sick graph then get nailed with a downswing.

  9. All losses now regained and back on the upswing. Hope it lasts..!!


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