Saturday, 23 June 2012

2yr 'No Deposit' Anniversary

22nd June 2010 was the last time I made a deposit because I needed to.

I had just gone on my biggest downswing when I first tried 24 tabling. A huge bad run alongside bad play with so many tables meant I had to pad my bankroll.

2 years on and the only deposits that I have made are 'bonus deposits'.

Good bankroll management when moving up and down the leagues is essential to maintain this kind of position and I have done this well in the last 2yrs.

I remember briefly mentioning my lack of deposits the last time I met a pokerstars rep. The look of horror on his face was pretty hilarious. Maybe I should have kept that to myself.

Anyway, my target now is to never make a deposit ever again in my life apart from joining new sites, bonus deposits etc. These aren't real deposits but just cash flow.

June is now just over 2/3rds complete and is going well. It started off positively then I went on a downswing when I changed my ZOOM table mix from 4x50nl + 2x25nl to 4x50nl + 2x100nl. I lost over $1,000 but have made it all back plus more.

I am now for the first time this year doing okay after moving up. It is probably a week now and I am firmly established at ZOOM nl100 and am playing a mix of 3x nl100 + 3xnl50 tables. I have pretty much dropped normal tables and am exclusively playing ZOOM.

It is funny though to say 'moving up' to nl100 as I was an nl100 reg years ago who used to also play nl200 and nl400. It goes back to that bad run I had 2 years ago and the way games got tougher. I have worked hard on my game and think my game now is stronger than it has ever been.

This month I am on target to have my best month of the year and maybe my best month ever. Lets see what happens....


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