Thursday, 14 June 2012

RE: Facing Turn Shove Against Unknown

Regarding the Hand History that I posted a few days ago. I hadn't realised at the time that the guy had just sat down and posted his blind out of turn. That's why there was no HUD stats on him.

If I had known this then the hand would have been an insta call. With the diamond draw and the fact that he was an unknown I was never folding although if it was certain regs making the same play I would have considered laying it down. I tanked for around 10 seconds which is an eternity in online games and then shoved it.

A bit of overkill with the river diamond but a nice pot all the same.

Something to consider when table selecting is chucking in a few of these deep tables. If you find a whale at a deep table they will usually be the biggest kind. All the top regs know this too so apart from the whale or 2 you will often also be up against the best players in the league too at these tables.

Happy Stacking..!!


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