Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I Smelt a Rat

Sometimes moves just seem suspicious.

If you frequent around the live arena you can often pick tells from your poker opponents. Having read a lot of Mike Caro's stuff I spot some of these from time to time.

In the online game you cant stare at the villain and get a tell but there are timing tells to be had.

If you look at the following hand on paper it is pretty hard to figure out why I didn't go broke.

However, in the heat of battle this guy was giving off serious warning signs.

I have a tiny sample on the villain and he is playing 31/7 so he seems to be a fishy guy.

Hand Information
Game: No Limit
Blind: $0.50/ $1

Table Information
Seat1:   Player 1   ($50)Dealer
Seat2:   Player 2   ($332.08)Small Blind
Seat3:   Player 3   ($106.01)Big Blind
Seat4:   Player 4   ($109.09)
Seat5:   Hero   ($198.25)
Seat6:   Player 6   ($98.50)
Seat7:   Player 7   ($98.50)
Seat8:   Player 8   ($62.01)
Seat9:   Player 9   ($169.56)
Dealt to Hero

Preflop (Pot:1.50)
Player 4   FOLD    
Hero   RAISE    $3
Player 6   FOLD    
Player 7   FOLD    
Player 8   FOLD    
Player 9   CALL    $3
Player 1   FOLD    
Player 2   RAISE    $5
Player 3   FOLD    
Hero   CALL    $2
Player 9   CALL    $2

This tiny squeeze from the blinds will usually get no respect from me and will be immediately 4bet. However, the villain here had taken ages and I just smelt something fishy so decided to flat.

Flop   (Pot: $16.50)

Player 2   BET    $7
Hero   CALL    $7
Player 9   FOLD    

This is a dream flop hitting my set and being deep with what seems like a fish. He tanks again forever and bets small into 2 players here.

This is a draw heavy board and 90% of the time I am raising here. I reckon that he probably has AA, KK or AK. I beat 2 of those hands but I want to try to drag along the 3rd player and then shove most turns. This is a highly risky play but I am so suspicious about his speed right about now.

Turn   (Pot: $30.50)

Player 2   CHECK    
Hero   CHECK    

Insta check here looks pretty fishy.

River   (Pot: $30.50)

Player 2   BET    $17
Hero   CALL    $17

I have to call but I am 95% sure I am beat here


Player 2  SHOWS
Player 2  wins the pot: $64.50
I guessed wrong with AA but the timing tells were so huge he really was face up.


  1. bla blub raise broke flop - setup - next hand :P

  2. Making a great save is as good as scoring a goal


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