Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Fastest Hand Ever

Usain Bolt runs the 100 metres sprint in just over 9.5 seconds.

Today I think I broke that record in a single hand of poker going to the turn.

On average over an hour on a single table I play roughly around 55-70 hands so on average each hand will take around 50-70 seconds or so.

Obviously all-in pre hands will take next to nothing to end but for a hand to get to the turn it usually takes a while.

The following hand happened in such a flash I didn't even see what cards he had till I checked the re-player.

This is an excellent example of how NOT to play a hand. My first error was that I was auto-piloting while playing 16 tables during a long session.

It was probably just over a 3hr session and it should have ended earlier as I was tired but I was still in play and pick up QQ. It intsa folds to me, I opened to 3x and then it insta folds to the BB who calls. It was a bit like a ZOOM hand but it was normal Full Ring. He then insta leads the flop and I call without even thinking for a second. My standard play here would be to raise but I was in a daze. This was my second mistake.

He then instas leads the turn and I min raise in a milli-second, he shoves and I snap him off. The hand was over in less than 10 seconds I reckon. My standard play would be to make a larger raise on the turn, closer to 3x (third mistake) and I would normally take my time on both the flop and turn.

Conclusion: Quit sessions when you are tired.
Variance: Mistakes don't always matter when the villain plays so badly with 9% equity.


  1. Looks Like you played it perfectly. You gave him a chance to reshove allin on the turn with his Huge gutshot draw lol. Niceeee

  2. rosh is a little trickster


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