Sunday, 3 June 2012

Moving Up the ZOOM Ladder

I've finally fixed my hand import for ZOOM and can now review my hands.

I have also partially got a HUD in place. It is visible but it keeps showing the player stats from the previous hands which does not really help during a hand but I can go back and make notes in replayer.

I am working with the HM1 guys to get that fixed. If anyone knows a fix please let me know.

Since my partial fixes I have just played ZOOM NL50 for the first time. I made a ton pretty quick and saw a few people open shoving shite like A4o which is pretty encouraging for the format. It is the weekend though so there will be a few more maniacs gambling.

I got quite carried away playing this stupid unbalanced limp re-raise move at ZOOM NL25. Players were just not adjusting and kept raising my limps which was quite funny and profitable, especially multi-way.

I think my re-raise here is too large. What you think?

Anyway I have given up this move at the higher level with my premium hands. I might however start doing it with junk just for laughs though :)


  1. had the same problem as you and updated to latest patch. works fine now

    also d/l blitz.dll

  2. HUD data still showing previous hand stats after I have done all of the steps. Need to get this sorted. Support is looking at my files

  3. ;)

  4. Make sure you run both HEM & your poker client as administrator & upgrade HEM to the latest version. Fixed it for me.

  5. Hi,
    I am going on SN/SNE chase in 2013 also zooomiing :)
    do you use conservative 100bi bnr mngt or something more liberal?


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