Sunday, 30 September 2012

Twoplustwo Poker Hands Volume Pool Prop is Back

It was 2010 the last time that I entered or ran the poker hands volume pool prop bet.

If you grind a bit then come and join in the fun. The smallest pool is only 50k hands which is less then 2000 hands per day.

How does it work then? Well, you simply enter a pool for how many hands you think you can play in a month of poker (this one is for October) and then you pay the buy-in.

If you make the required number of hands then your buy-in is returned but if you fail to make the hands then you lose your buy-in and it gets divided between the others in your pool who made their hands - easy. Good fun and great for motivation.

Here is the link:

October 2012 Volume Pool Prop

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