Sunday, 9 September 2012

NL25 Rebuild Complete - Results

For those of you who read this blog you will know that I have played Texas Hold'em for 7yrs now.

The vast majority of that time was as a recreational player and only in 2011 and 2012 as an online pro. I have greatly enjoyed the game and continue to do so.

Over July and August I had my equalled my biggest downswing of 60 BIs. I won a fair bit back only to lose a load again.

I had also withdrawn funds and found myself having to drop down to NL25 to rebuild.

I am normally excellent with bankroll management but on this occasion I let it go too low. I decided not to re-load but instead to rebuild and get some confidence back at an easier level and then step back up.

The NL25 filtered results for the last 2 months are below:

I have now stepped back up to NL50 exclusively and will only 10 table the first few sessions until I am happy with bet sizing and to give me a little extra time to make better choices.

I will then go back to 16+ tabling and hopefully start winning again like I have done all year..!!

Here is the first big hand for me back at the fiddy:


When will it end.....


  1. ouch, good come back though rosh. rootin for you

  2. Grats for mission rebuild accomplished!

    Hope i can follow soon... :-)

    But you have played nl25 zoom --> why y now switch back to normal tables again and not playing nl50 zoom ?? thx i. a.

    GL and go go!

    the 25zoom grinder

  3. Thx mate,

    I should have mentioned that the rebuild was playing both ZOOM and normal tables.

    Now I am playing 10x NL50 tables (2x ZOOM & 8x Normal)


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