Saturday, 29 September 2012

When you Bluff the Turn Make Sure you have Some Equity

Maybe he thought the ace was an out

This one is an 8/8 who lost his nittyness and went on a mega spew


  1. in the second hand if hes an 8/8 how come you 3 bet surely it was for value but against that type of player?

  2. I could do all 3 things with a hand like KQ in this position dependant on the player. My decision however would be based on his ATS rather than his VPIP. I do see 8/8 players with 25-35% ATS.

    The reason I mentioned he was an 8/8 was I didn't expect his post flop play being that tight.

    Interesting fact tho is in my database I have around 10 players in a huge database of 100,000 players who play betwen 8/8 - 12/8 and I have marked as regwhales.

    They play a completely tight, solid game pre then absolutely never give up post. There is one guy who tripple barrels any board, in or out of position vs any number of opponents ans is always all in with a big pair regardless of how the board runs. There is another guy who always overbets the flop and then jams the turn. I find these guys fascinating and really fun to play against and wonder what they would be like irl. They probably have some personality disorders :)

  3. yeah ATS% is a big one, what about when you miss the flop and they have a low fold to cbet% for the flop and turn, do you just check and give up?

  4. Pretty much but I will balance too with occasional 3 barrels with Ak on total misses

  5. delving into the thoughts of rosh


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