Thursday, 27 September 2012

Edge of your Seat Excitement Ends in Super Over

I might out be talking to myself with this post but there is quite a high probability that not 1 person reading this blog is into cricket. If there is please surprise me and leave a comment. :)

My favourite sport is football (soccer) but I am also a huge fan of cricket. A few blog posts ago I mentioned the Twenty20 World Cup was about to begin... well it is now well under way and I was lucky enough to watch a truly amazing game between New Zealand and Sri Lanka this morning. Poker will just have to wait..!!

Having posted a pretty high score of 174 NZ were truly in the drivers seat and all the chat was revolving around Sri Lanka's last 6 chases ending in failure when the score was above 160. It is always better to have runs on the board as you build tremendous pressure on the opposition.

Anyway F*** that, Sri Lanka then flipped the script and went on to post the highest powerplay score (first 6 overs of the 20) in the tournament so far and then ease past 100 runs. This is where things went wrong, they coasted, lost wickets and ended up in a touch position need runs when they should have won with ease.

It went down to the last over and then the last ball. There was 1 run needed from 1 ball and the guy got run out resulting in a draw and a decider by 'Super Over'. This is basically the new version of the penalty shoot out that you have in footy. There used to be a bowl off but the rules have changed. Im not sure if they still have a bowl off in the 50 over format but anyway it was edge of the seat stuff with SL getting 13 runs from their super over and NZ coming just short and losing the game. A great start to the Super 8s part of the tournament..!!

If you have never seen cricket then find a way to watch this game and you will be converted to fan status..!!


  1. Hey Rosh... been reading your blog regularly...

    Religiously follow cricket... lol... rooting for India to beat Australia... or whosoever I place my odds... on... but yea it was a superb game.. would have preferred it not to be a tie.. as I had wins on both the teams... oh well next game...

    Gl at the tables mate... deucesofclub

  2. Hedging ur bets eh?? I remember my betfair days many moons ago :)

    Nice to know that someone is reading the cricket posts..!!

    Group 2 is definitely the tougher group as Pakistan have a really good side too and then u hav India, Auss n South Africa, man... group of death

  3. Hedging is the only way to go I believe in these T20s where just one man can change the tide...and almost all sides are competitive... so the odds tend to fluctuate lot more than in 1 dayers or tests...

  4. I remember developing a system wit my mate years ago where we wud lay the draw prior to the commencement of a 5 day test match and as soon as the game began we cud back the draw hedging to win on both results and iirc the only thing that cud mess it up would be the weather. So as long as you checked the 5-day weather forecast and it was ok u could always win.

    I can't remember why I stopped, I think it was just because u needed lots of cash to make the hedge worthwhile and we were poor back then. Anyway I don't sports bet any more, well rarely....

  5. Hey Rosh, I've been following your blog for a while! I've included your blog on my blog list. I'm trying to get my blog noticed by other poker bloggers so if u like mine then feel free to add me on yours, Cheers.

    1. I'll try n have a read later on today mate


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