Sunday, 1 January 2012

December 2011 + Full Year Review

Happy New Year All..!!

2012 will probably be remembered for more negatives than positives in the poker world.

For me it all began with an SNE attempt. Sadly it only lasted 5 weeks as for a greater VPP generation I decided to ditch what I had been doing well for 5 years and start to play the CAP tables (aka 50bb prior to being named CAP).

I'm yet to see many winners at these table and I was crushed which really hit my confidence and outlook for the year. I did manage to final table a WBCOOP event which was quite cool.

I then went back to 100bb poker in Feb/March but dropped down to NL50 to rebuild. I then moved back up to NL100 when Black Friday rocked the Poker World. I had 2 good winning months followed by 2 bad months at the Hundo. I then dropped back to down to NL50 to work on my game and have been winning ever since.

December has been an interesting month. Due to exam commitments I only played half a month. Even so I managed to get the most volume ever in a single month. If I had played the full month I could have played over 400k hands which is pretty good volume. I also had my biggest ever tournament score.

I was up over $600 in cash games at one stage and if I had been able to maintain that then I would have had my best month ever but 24 tabling to hit a milestone meant I was playing a 'C' or 'D' game at many times and I just managed to stay in the black.

The final numbers for December are as follows:

209,000 Hands Played
34,515 VPPs

+$142 (Cash Game Winnings)
+$890 (Tournament Winnings)
+$1,500 (FPP Cash Bonus)
+$2,800 (300k Milestone Bonus)
+$5,332 (Total Month)

The full year numbers are as follows:

1,427,000 Hands Played
300,242 VPPs

-$1,214 - Jan
+$1,075 - Feb
+$722 - Mar
+$4,766 - Apr
+$3,278 - May
+$415 - Jun
+$1,334 - Jul
+$2,341 - Aug
+$1,833 - Sep
+$2,159 - Oct
+$1,837 - Nov
+$5,332 - Dec
+$23,878 (Total Year)

I am still planning for 2012 but there will be some big things happening so watch this space...

All the best.



  1. Great job ,i was glad to see when you went to mass grinding you stuck with .25-.50 and didn't mix in .50-.100 very often. :}

  2. Thx Man. Mass grinding can get a bit too intense at times. Playing 16 tables today was quite comfortable.

    Although I made money in 2011 it was far less than I would have liked and less than half what I would make at my previous job so I view the year as a bit of a failure financially.

    However the positives of spending a more relaxing year with no boss or commitments make it overall a good year for me!

    Lets hope for good things for all of us in 2012..!!

  3. nice results for december.

    still good mate, like you say better tahn working, and just a stepping stone for what you are going to make this year. Double that easily mate i reckon.

    whats the big plans?

  4. do you have a job outside of poker or is this your only income?

  5. Rossi, Cheers

    U will hav to wait for any big news announcements :D

    Send us an email or facebook PM b4 ur home game. I will try n play but may be abroad that week


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