Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mass Sit Out Protesters Banned on Pokerstars

The Mass Sit Protesters have been hit with varying degrees of bans after Sunday's Action.

Sit outers were banned from playing 24 tables and entitled to only play 1 table.

The players who blocked wait lists were banned from joining wait lists and also only allowed to play 1 table. Persistent blockers were completely banned from playing or joining any tables.

I was banned from playing more than 1 table for around 36 hours but have now been reinstated.

A hardcore of protesters have withdrawn their cash and are seeking other sites. I almost joined William Hill yesterday who I think is a reputable and trustworthy company but as they are part of the iPoker network I thought twice as they seem to be infested by scamming bot accounts.

As Pokerstars holds pretty much a Monopoly in the industry at the moment it is pretty hard to go anywhere else. They are still the number 1 choice even though we are losing rakeback.

They have agreed to consultations with 4 player representatives this month to discuss a few positive changes to the current system. It looks like I will just have to lump it for the time being and try to increase my win rate to make up for the loss in VPPs/ FPPs.

Initial sessions are showing that I have a 26% loss in VPPs  :(

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