Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I wish I didn't piss my money away playing Omaha. I think I am down over $300 this month playing that nonsense.

I haven't invested in Omaha Manager yet so I don't have any nice graphs or stats to show but I hope to play less and less of the devils game so the bleeding should stop. I ain't touched PLO for a few days now and have been playing exclusively with only 2 cards.

The Happy Hour on Stars has shifted to 9pm UK time this week and has been pretty dam juicy in terms of the NL50 games.

I have just hit a target level for my bankroll on stars so I will now be adding more NL100 games to my schedule.

The worm for the month is looking like this:


  1. 100NL ughohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . I mean ah, Good luckxx :)

  2. :D Uh Oh indeedy. Tables look so much worse than the 50 every time I browse the lobby

  3. Anytime you're able to move up stakes can;t be a bad thing right? Anyway well done man, and stay away from the devils game lol.

    Quick question, where did u get or how did you get your SNE progress bar, I have been wanting one for my blog as well.

  4. Thx Mate,

    I get asked that question a lot about the progress bar.

    The code has listed in it but I can remember searching google to find it. Try 'Blogger progress bar or percentage bar'

  5. Haha, last 2 days have been ****


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