Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Meh & Fail

I am currently laughing out loud as I flick through some of my blogger pages.

Anyone who uses this site to blog will be aware of the stats tab that is available when you click 'Design' button.

You can filter various stats for the day, week, month or for all time.

Anyway, the 2 biggest search terms that lead readers to my site are 'meh' and 'fail', lol. Not sure what this implies about supernova125 but I didn't think it was that bad  :D

Here is the break down of the Top 10 searches of all time that lead to this site:

Now we are free:


  1. Yo what's going on with this blog? I came here looking for a failed trainwreck. Meh, I'm outta here!

  2. Don't feel too bad. Somehow "Fingers crossed" came in #1 on my site as well as "old monkey" farther down the list.

  3. Lol JH1

    I think u get some weird **** if you post pictures as many of them lead to google links


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