Monday, 9 January 2012

Randy "Nanonoko" Lew sets Guinness World Record

Yesterday Nanonoko attempted to set the world record for the most number of hands played in 8 hrs while showing a profit.

He was able to play up to 40 tables at once and he started at nl50 6max. The first couple of hours were good and he found him self up around $200 while having played around 8,000 hands.

He then began to lose and was down -$1,200 when he switched to 1knl to make up the difference.

As the finish neared he was only playing one table and he turned a small profit.

The final stats:

Hands: 23,493
Hours: 8
Hands per hour: 2936.63
Hands per minute: 48.94
Seconds per hand: 1.23
Hours of live poker (at 30 hands per hour): 783.10
FPPs earned: 22,784
Profit: $7.65


  1. So all it would take to break this record is to somehow open 50 tables (how did he do 24+) of 0,02/0,05$, randomly hit fold or allin like crazy for about 7 hours, and then open say two tables of 5/10$, go all in for the next 20 hands and hope to get lucky once called.

    Do that 7 days in a row and you're bound for a world record yourself.

    some record if you don't mind me saying so

  2. Yeah, pretty easy to break this record. Problem is only he is allowed to play 40 tables at the mo. Everyone else can only play 24 max

  3. this is yet another joke on stars allowing one guy in the world to play 40 tables. hardly a world record if u ask me because no one can even challenge it because there not allowed to. stars=diapointing.

  4. I think they are going to open it up for everyone eventually


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