Thursday, 1 March 2012

February 2012 Review

February has finished as a pleasing month in the end as I recovered from being 28 BIs down to being 25 BIs up at close of play yesterday. That means I am on an upswing of over 50 BIs.

The bad thing about being on a downswing is that your play can deteriorate as you chase losses and you can spew even more. My tilt control in general is pretty good but I did spew around $500 bucks in stupid spots during the downswing which annoys me.

Being a shorter month and also due to the fact that I was on holiday at the start of Feb my volume is not great. I hope I can pick that up in March.

My pace spreadsheet shows that I up above pace to hit 200k VPPs but around 16 days behind pace for 300k VPPs. My tentative target will be 300k VPPs as I did last year although with the new WC method I will have to play a lot more hands as I lose around 25% in VPP generation.

I have used 8 of my WBCOOP tickets and have cashed in 3 events now. I am registered for the Main Event which is this Sunday. Sadly I am nowhere in the Leaderboard contest of which I finished as top UK player in 2011.

I had a bit of fun playing Razz and Stud at very small stakes this month just to try and learn the games. They aren't as fun and holdem though. I got in a few hands of omaha too.

The final numbers for February are as follows:

167,369 Hands Played
22,512 VPPs

+$1,293 (Cash Game Winnings)
+$100 (Pace Bonus)
+$250 (Stellar Rewards)
+$1,500 (FPP Cash Bonus)
+$25 (Stake Swap)
+$6 (Tourney Winnings)
+$39 (SCOOP Tickets Won)
+$3,213 (Total Month)

The Ytd numbers are as follows:

247,625 Hands Played
35,221 VPPs

+$3,648 - Jan
+$3,213 - Feb
+$6,861 (Total YTD)


  1. From Plo to Razz sweettttttt :) Good job on the comeback. I knew you had it in you . Winners never stop for the comeback they reanalyze the situation then go from there. One thing Rosh is very smart about is when he does play a diff games he is doing it at very low limits I think that is smart thinking even if he plays horrible at a new game. He will lose a lot less than trying it at .50NL

  2. Cheers AIC

    I still ain't found a poker game as good as No Limit Texas Hold'em

  3. Try strip poker with the girlfriend :P

  4. hey man
    gt a question abt ur FPP bonus, you made like 22.5k VPPs, which with the 3.5 multiplier is around 78k fpps, how do u then purchase the 1500 cash fr supernovas? am i missing something?

  5. FPPs saved from last month included to buy the bonus. I choose to report actual cash movement and not FFP value(which may be more prudent) each month but I am consistent throughout the year.


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