Friday, 9 November 2012

A Date With An Eight

A simply satisfying result: 1 day, 8 poker sessions, 8 wins. That is what I managed to achieve on this day and the month is now looking pretty good only 7 days in.

In other news the American presidential race is now over and Barack Obama has been re-elected for his second term which makes me happy. I can't say that I am a huge fan but I am glad Romney didn't get in as I am pretty sure that he would have been a disaster.

Romney visited the UK earlier during the year and said the we were 'not ready for the Olympics'. Well if the donk was watching he would have witnessed one of the best Olympics ever and the best ever Paralympics.

Looking through some of his foreign policy proposals and hearing some of the debate I think he would have been a serious war-mongerer and no good for peace across the planet. Glad he lost.

Anyway, enough politics already, back to the poker:



  1. a nice days work mate. anymore news on yr 2013 SNE plans?

  2. Cheers. Nothing to announce yet buddy

  3. Hey Rosh,

    How long is your average session? Looks like 40mins to an hour. Or do you play longer? How do you break down your day with regards to your sessions? Do you get up have breakfast, put in a session, chill for a bit, put in a session, have lunch, do some things you need to do, put in a session....etc...would like to know how you break down your day!

    And do you play just Zoom poker? If so how many tables?

  4. B4 ZOOM I would play 1-2hr sessions usually and upto 4 sessions a day. Now I mainly play ZOOM and sessions can last anywhere from 10mins - 3hrs but mostly around an hr. I am slowly moving to NL100 FR again and as that does not run on ZOOM often enough I will play normal tables and increase my session length.

    I usually wake up at 9am and sleep at 2am but this can be very random and I am sometimes up till 4 or 5am. I eat 3 meals a day at regular times. I try to keep a normal daytime working schedule to coincide with my girlfriends work time. If I am busy/ out in the morning then I will grind at night and vica versa.


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