Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Run It Twice on Pokerstars Cash Games

Run It Twice (RIT) is now enabled on certain cash games on Pokerstars.

This should help reduce a bit of variance while only taking a couple of seconds longer. The rake is still the same when you RIT.

I'm going to give it a try and see how I get on.

When my whole stack is in the middle I usually get it in good so am open to and get a fair few beats every single day. During my recent 4 month downswing RIT could have helped me mentally when I was going a bit crazy.

The flip side is you are giving a chance to the villain to chop the pot when you are good. I will have to figure out if this run it twice is a good thing or not.

Here is how to select RIT:


  1. So say you are playing $25NL and you are all-in preflop for a full stack of $25 and ypou lose then you run it twice, if you lose again does it cost you another $25?

  2. No, Run it twice plays for half the pot 2 times. So you play for $12.5 twice even though you are all in for $25.

    I should have explained how it works in more detail

  3. active for zoom poker aswell ?

  4. Hey Rosh, did you experiment with this yet? What tables apply for RunItTwice, any idea? I had it enabled a while back but never happened. Either because players on my tables at the micros have not enabled it or it only applies to bigger tables. Im probably gonna write to PStars support...

  5. Not 100% sure but I think they are rolling it out slowly. It is active at NL50/NL100 cash games but not ZOOM

  6. You probably already know this Rosh, but just for anyone else, your EV is exactly the same whether you run it once or twice. For example, shove $25 AIPF for a $50 pot with 60% equity.

    1 Run EV = 0.6 * 25 - 0.4 * 25 = $5 profit

    2 Runs EV = (0.6 * 12.5 - 0.4 * 12.5) + (0.6 * 12.5 - 0.4* 12.5) = 2.5 + 2.5 = $5 profit

    The variance reduction comes from changing 60/40 {all/nothing} to 36/24/24/16 {all/half/half/nothing}. This is essentially the same breakdown that would happen if you played the hand out exactly the same way twice. Win both 36%, win 1 lose 1 48%, and lose both 16%.

    So what Ri2 is doing is doubling your effective volume for all-in hands, allowing you to reach the 'long run' in half the time, while offering the same EV.


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