Friday, 30 November 2012

Pokerstars 90 Billionth Hand Hits

I tried my best to hit the mega milestone hand by 28 tabling NL50. It was so intense as I tried to keep up with the action.

I lost $200 in no time at all before I started to get control a little. It the end I won it all back and ended even and of course missed the big one.

28 tabling is the devil...!!

The mega hand landed on a 6max NL200 table and all of the players won big especially m1sspiggy with a whopping $67k:


  1. Rosh how many cash tables are u allowed to play in?

  2. 28 personally but Stars manage it on an individual player by player basis depending on your speed at the tables.

    I think you can initially play 24 although that may have changed. Some guys are playing 32. One guy is playing 44 and some have been reduced to 20 or 16

  3. Guss23778 jumped straight to 5K nl:

    Also, left table with 32K stack. Like a boss.

  4. Haha, yeah. There was a 20 man waiting list of regs trying to get his cash but he owned them all..!!

  5. 44 tables dafuuuq, never ever ever +ev :D

  6. 44 Table guy is killing it though. Think he nits up at around 11/9 but you have to playing that many. He plays 400k hands a month and will make SNE next year at NL100.

  7. hello burnout :D


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