Saturday, 3 November 2012

Determined, Disciplined, Driven and Destroying

The top winning players never seem too have long losing streaks. I mean everyone has a bad stretch but the top dogs get back to winning ways pretty quick.

I talked about going back to basics after this bad spell I am in has now lasted 4 months. If I am being brutally honest I have tilted off a little and I want to be super solid from now on.

I believe, only 2 days in to my new regime that I have already found the formula. Firstly, obviously no tilt... done, I'm finished with that crap.

Secondly I spent some time analysing my game and found about 5 spots where I could change things up. I had a few small leaks that I thought could be plugged. I have for the last 2 days made these changes and they seem to be paying dividends. Over the course of a single hand there is no huge difference but over the course of a months worth of play this could be quite meaty.

I won't go into detail as I don't want to give too much away to villains who read this but if you look at the results so far you can see a pattern emerging. If I don't tilt, get normal luck at the tables and stick to my changes and 'A Game' then I will have turned the corner.....

I would love to make more strategy posts but am a bit vary about too much of my thought process being out there for villains to exploit.

Maybe its time to scrap that and start discussing the moves....

Watch this space.


  1. nice one mate

    really interested in yr strat posts, what about creating a small strat discussion group for full ring on skype or somat, perhaps just for uk players/guests that way most of the russian, eastern european, south american villians wont reap the benifits.

    thats what they had going when i was getting into the CAP scene, might be benificial to us all if we had one for full ring. Just an idea, let me know what you think mate.

    1. These days I rarely use Skype like I used to mate, maybe once every 2 weeks or so. We can set this up but its better if want to discuss hands just send me details on 2+2 PM and we can chat there or via email.

  2. Hey I've noticed that you like to play short sessions throughout the day. Did you do this because you find you can't concentrate for longer sessions? Did you always implement this strategy?

    When I grind I always play anywhere from 4-8 hrs. I like to "clock in/clock out". I find myself having a hard time stopping once I start playing (esp if there's a few whales at my tables).

    1. I mainly play ZOOM these days so it is more than feasible to just sit there for 8hrs as you can break any time for 5 or 10mins and then resume where you left off.

      Personally I find shorter sessions more productive as my concentration is sharper the 1st hour of the session.

      A key factor is the time taken for starting / ending sessions. When playing ZOOM you can just hop on and hop off easy whereas on normal table this takes a while. Hence, I would play minimum 2hrs sessions there where as on ZOOM I can play 20mins, 1hr, 2hrs or 8hrs.... no restrictions


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