Sunday, 18 November 2012

Top 10 Tips for Blogging and Bloggers

When I started to blog I had no idea that I would get so many hits.

As the number of readers grew it was pretty clear that I needed to learn a little to keep it fresh and interesting.

Having had over 150,000 page views now there are a few tips that I can share with you guys that may help you to increase your blog views:

So, here are my Top 10 Tips:

1. Try to blog as often as possible.

It is very easy for a blog to die. I see so many blogs that start enthusiastically and have about 5 posts in the first 2 weeks then 1 or 2 posts the next month and then that's it. It is difficult to keep coming up with new material but if you want your blog to grow and become successful then keep writing and keep your readers coming back. If you blog once a month try to blog once a week. If you blog once a week try to blog 3 times a week. Carry on till you can get out 1 post a day.

2. Comment on other blogs.

If you comment on other blogs and interact with other bloggers then you will get noticed and people will discover you through the link back to your blogger profile. Don't spam posts with links to your website as they will get deleted and people don't like that. I get lots of companies spamming my posts and I delete all of them. There is a means for companies to get their links on my site and they know this but try to cheat.

You should also encourage commenting on your blog and try to reply to comments that people post whether they are negative or positive.

3. Give them vision.

We all like things to look at. Add images to your posts. Make them funny, make them quirky, make them relevant and this will make your site more attractive. Take a moment to make sure that the picture fits correctly within the text and is not too big or small. Use the alignment function to mix it up and have images on the left, in the centre and on the right as you see fit.

4. Create a blogroll.

Create a blogroll of the other blog in your niche that you read and like. This will give your readers more links to interesting material. The blogs owners who you list may also link you back in their roll so you may get additional readers.

5. Use tags.

Using tags will help you readers navigate to specific areas or types of your blog posts. I get a lot of readers who just want to see my monthly report on the number so I see the 'Monthly Review' tag clicked a lot. Even if you have archives or categories, tags offer more search aids to your viewers. You may also get more google traffic coming your way if you use tags.

6. Embrace social media.

I definitely need to work on this aspect more for supernova125. I rarely use twitter but hopefully will do more in the future. Add your link to your twitter profile and tweet your more interesting posts. Create a page for your blog in facebook and also add your link to your own personal profile page. Others that you can use include linkedin, myspace and bebo.

7. Use internal links.

When you have a number of interesting posts you sometimes cover an aspect in a new post without going into the detail which you have previously done. In this case it is good to link back to an older post to give the reader more detail. I am pretty bad at this but am trying to improve. For example I may talk about how my blog began and if I include a link to that then the viewer can start from post 1 and read on.

8. Share Popularity.

If you have 100 posts there will be a top 5 read. Share this section of popularity with your audience. I have incorporated my most popular posts for them to browse through on the sidebar. For some reason a post I wrote on the most sexiest female poker players has been by far my most read post ever on this blog with more than 10,000 hits.

9. Slice it nicely.

Poor formatting can really make reading a blog hard work. Cluttered, unattractive blogs don't encourage people to return just like if you visit a dirty bar or restaurant you will not return as you have had a bad experience. I see lots of terrible formatting and bad use of colours, fonts etc. Look at your blog objectively and ask yourself 'does it look professional?', 'does it look readable?' or is it just a mess. Make sure your pictures, graphs and sidebars all fit properly. Space you posts nicely.

10. Do it because you love it.

Write because you are passionate about your topic. I love playing poker everyday and I like to talk about it and write about it. Don't think that you will make money from your blog because only the top blogs will. While I have made 6 or 7 small adversing deals the total amount is less than $200 which is negligible. What I like about blogging is getting more readers and interacting with them. I have made quite a few contacts through the blog and hopefully will make more. When readers keep coming back I get satisfaction from that and hope that I can produce new, fresh, interesting material for the future.

Happy Blogging..!!

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  1. Hey buddy, great post. Your blog is an enjoyable read and I have subscribed for a long time. Really glad to hear that things have turned around for you again at the tables as well.

    Couple things that I noticed re: your blog if I may be so bold. Your pages could be placed as tabs under your header like on my site. I think that makes them easier to find. Also, in my opinion you should get the domain for like 10 bucks a year and get rid of that "blogspot" in your url! You can still be hosted by blogger no problem.

    How did you get that "you might also like" under your posts? I didn't know you could do that in the blogger software and would really like to add that.

  2. Hey Mate, Cheers.

    I do like the tabs feature on your site. I have no idea how to do that. You will have to let me know :)

    Wrt to the domain name, I am have seen the page to convert it to a .com site without the .blogspot but don't really see an advantage to changing so have not done so. I suppose someone else could take that domain but not too worried about that.

    If you look under the fifth small pic in the 'you might like' section you will notice the link to 'linkwithin' which is the site that hosts the widget. Installation is simple once you follow the instructions.

  3. Hey man,

    I think if you just go to Design > Pages you should see a drop down box for "show pages as" and then select top tabs. Then you just create the individual pages and order them however you like.

    WRT to the domain name, getting rid of the "blogspot" just allows people to find or type your site name in the url box easier. It looks more professional overall as well. It's not a huge thing though. I just googled supernova125 and it comes up perfectly in the number one spot.

    Thanks for the tip on the you might like. Will look into adding that soon.

    All the best!

  4. Cheers mate, will definitely look into the tabs feature!

  5. I know this is an ancient post. But as I'm just getting my Poker Strategy blog rolling, it is definitely helpful! Cheers, fooz

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