Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The First Four Days

The first four days of November have started quite well:

I lost a little today mainly due to my Aces being cracked to AQo All-In pre. That hand would have seen  me even for the day. Still a few hours to get back to even.

I am well on course to get to 200k VPPs this year however my target is 216k VPPs as this will see me cash another $1,600 bonus before year end. This 2nd target is going to be tough though..!!

In other news Full Tilt Poker is resuming business on November 6th under the stewardship of Pokerstars. I have re-activated my account but I won't be diving in straight away though. I will take a look at how the traffic, games, bonuses, rake and VIP program stack up before I decide.

While grinding I often get a lot of comments, mainly negative and abusive but a few nice ones too. This guy was typing out a text on a ZOOM Table when the hand changed. I'm not sure if he had finished his message:


  1. hey rosh... Solid results this month... Nice too see some run-dood...I want to let you know that I love your blog too... Keep up the good work.

    I created an account on sitemeter too... I wanted to ask you, if you know, why my sitemeter reports that I receive on the email are empty.... They show 0 traffic(but I have traffic on my blog)...


  2. Weird, not sure why they are empty. Fwiw I dont receive email reports but have their icon loaded onto my site via html. Maybe you should load it onto your site and try that. Otherwise, it might just take a while for it to kick in.

  3. Don't try your day game on me kid..!! :)


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