Thursday, 8 November 2012

Back at Full Tilt Poker (FTP)

About to crai shove:

Easy with Play Moniez... :)

I have access to a 'Deal Me In' bonus of $750 so I have to decide if I should move some of my play over to FTP. I don't have TableninjaFT or know if HEM1 works with FTP or if I need an update. I will monitor traffic for the first few weeks and decide. I have 1 month to claim and begin clearing the bonus.


  1. Rosh, does transfering your money back to ps affect on your active bonus on ft?

  2. Sorry Bud, I have no idea what an activity bonus is. I was a recreational player on FTP and still am :) I aint played there for like 3yrs

  3. Rosh - You have a TON of FE in that hand! MONKEY SHOVE your MOBNEYS!!!!

  4. Rosh, I just posted a review on FullTilt with info on HM1

    I hope it helps...

  5. HEM1 will work as long as you bought FT and PS when you got it. Mine still works on FT.

  6. They gave me a 200$ bonus, but I don't think I can clear it. Would be happy with just 100 ^^


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