Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Its taken a little over 7yrs :) but I have just passed $100,000 in net profit winnings from this card game called poker.

It's probably more of a beat as I read somewhere that the average McDonald's worker makes $17k per year therefore making $119,000 in the same period, lol.

I should probably say though that the first 5yrs of that 7yr period I was a recreational player just splashing chips around for fun while in full time employment. Its only in the last 2yrs that I have played pretty much full time. Even in the last 2yrs I haven't been exclusively playing as I have been busy with other projects too.

A $100k is a $100k which ever way you look at it :)

Next target $1m..... hope it doesn't take 70yrs at this rate

Today was my first day of real grinding in 2013 and it went pretty well and allowed me to pass this 6 figure milestone:


  1. Nice acomplishment. And a nice picture too :)

  2. Very nice mate, i see you've taken to the ZOOM tables? how u finding it?

    1. Thx,

      Been ZOOMing for a while now and its going well. I just wish FR ran at 100/200 and I would probably go for SNE too there. Not a huge fan of 6max although I am doing well both at 100/50 when I play those.

      I will probably move to normal tables soon so that I can move up in FR

  3. Congrats man! Keep up the good work and you'll make a Mil in no time.

  4. Cheers madman, hope it doesn't take 70yrs for tha milla..!! I could do with it now

  5. Nice work! Your hourly goes up way faster than a Mcdonalds worker's so you'll get to the mil soon!


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