Saturday, 5 January 2013

Lol Omaha + ZOOM Experiments.

I haven't really kicked off my 2013 grind as yet. I set my main goal as getting 400k VPPs with also getting more involved with live cash games. 

Wrt live games I think I will start that from Feb.

Tonight I played a little omaha and it just drives me crazy with the fact that I lose so many hands with the 2nd and 3rd nuts. They ALWAYS have it..!! I think omaha will always be a break from the norm for me and I can't ever see myself switching to that game.

Anyway omaha aside I am still not sure how I want to get to 400k VPPs. My initial thoughts were to move away from ZOOM and back to normal full ring and work my way up but last year I fell in love with ZOOM and it is so much better for me as I like shorter sessions. I can easily play 10 short sessions in a day as opposed to 2 or 3 long sessions on normal tables.

I am doing experiments with ZOOM 6max tables. SO far 6x 6m seems to be the best combo suited to my game. Last year I was playing 9 ZOOM tables (8x FR + 1x 6m) but as FR only goes upto NL50 this combo will not be feasible this year if I want to hit 400k VPPs. So I need to add more 6m.

I am thinking about moving up slowly through the following combos before settling at the one I am most comfortable with.


1. 4x NL50 FR + 2x 6m NL100
2. 4x NL100 6m + 2x NL50 FR
3. 4x NL100 6m + 2x NL200 6m
4. 4x NL200 6m + 2x NL100 6m
5. 4x NL200 6m + 2x NL500 6m

If I can get to level 5 above and stay there I will be very happy. Lets see how it goes. If I don't do well or don't enjoy this then I will play 16x NL100 normal FR and move up to NL200.


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