Thursday, 17 January 2013

Pokerstars Bankroll Building Exercise

The way you manage a bankroll can vary vastly from player to player.

Previously my personal method has been to employ a 'float' level according to which stakes that I am playing and then to cash out every time that I hit the 'cash out level'.

The problem with this method is that it doesn't allow you to move up and grow as a poker player.

In the last quarter of 2012 and in 2013 I have been employing a new method. While the new method is not very aggressive it is progressive and I have already played a few sessions at NL200 in the last 2 months whereas I didn't really play higher than NL100 in the whole of last year.

It wasn't long ago that my roll was sitting at around $1,250 and I was going through the worst period in my poker career.

That has all changed now and I am currently sitting on:

My new method is pretty simple. There is no longer any float level and every time I make $1,000 I only cash out $500 and so the account grows and is also padded to cope with any down swings.

When the roll hits $10,000 then I will happily play NL200 more regularly. After that I will just take shots and see where it goes. If I fail the roll will probably stay at around $8-$10k with NL200 as my highest game but if I can take it further then the sky's the limit and I will push as far as I can go.

I am thinking about doing a mini challenge this month so watch out for that one in an upcoming post.

GL All..!!


  1. Gl ... Do you cash out anytime you make the 1k or do you have to get bak to the last period where you cash out? Go on 2k downswing then make 1k back and cash out doesn't seem like it would work ...

  2. Old method example: Float level $5,000, Cash Out Level $5,500. Every time account balance goes above $5,500 cash out down to $5,000. It maintains balance but you stick at same level. If you go on a 2k downswing for example then you must grind back up to $5,500 before you can cash out again.

    New method example: No float level but there is a marker level where you can cash out. The marker level moves up every time you cash out. So above you can see I have $8,798. Marker is $9,000. When I hit $9k then I cash out $500 and set new marker to $9,500 and so on. Balance grows and you can move up levels. If you go on a 2k downswing you have to grind back up to the marker before you can cash out.

    simplez :)

  3. Ya that sounds like a good plan!!! What would u recommend for losing players? :) gl at tables buddy

  4. What do you mean for losing players? Bankroll or Gameplay advice?


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