Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Lotta Green Is Always Good


  1. You're right. It will happen soon. Watch out for the post on Thursday :)

  2. mmh nice, but i wonder what are your criteria how long you play a session. i mean why there are so many sessions below an hour or sometimes only 10 - 30 mins ??? Whats the secret? :)

  3. When the wife shouts I stop immediately :)

    Seriously though I have talked about concentration spans being greatest in the first hour of play. I would much rather play 8x 1hr sessions vs a 1x 8hr session and with ZOOM you can do this. With normal tables the Start/Stop time is too great to play such short sessions

    Some of the very short sessions are usually when I have food cooking in the oven and just play a quick session until the grub is ready


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