Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Should I Buy The Saab?

I've been looking at updating my motor for a couple of months now.

I currently drive a Lexus and am looking at buying maybe a Saab 9-3.

The motor will cost around $10,000 second hand and I have seen a few that are around 5yrs old. I will part exchange the Lexus for around $3,000. 

Do you know any issues with these cars? Have you had an experience with them. How are they for drive and reliability? Would you buy something else? I like BMW 3-series too.

Similar to the ones I have seen but a bit newer:

So, should I buy the Saab?


  1. i thought saab is bankrupt and will not be making anymore cars. Not sure if they will keep making parts. DONT BUY

  2. They have been bought by a Chinese consortium and will be making new electric cars next year but the older models like the one above are no longer in production.

    I heard parts will still be made in Sweden but that will probably mean expensive shipping costs if I need them. The cars are generally solid though.

    Maybe I will go for a BMW, not sure at all yet.

  3. I heard that saab's ar very unreliable... I would not buy it. I would get a audi, bmw or vw. If you want a small cheap sport car you can also consider honda S2000 or mazda mx5 which are cheap and very good.

  4. I used to own a VW Golf years ago so a newer one is also an option. I do like the Audi A4/A5 too. I almost bought a Mazda MX5 about 10yrs ago.

    I think I will have to take a bit longer over this one. Maybe I will try n win a lil more from the pokerz so I can get a better car.


  5. Porsche Engines, cheaper insurance than Porsche's, hold their value really well I'd buy. Very solid cars and not too heft on insurance. You get a BMW and see how much you like paying extra roll for insurance.

  6. Thx mate. I don't do too bad on insurance as I have something silly like 15yrs no claims bonus

    Still to decide on this1


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