Friday, 25 January 2013

7 Days To Go

With only a week to go in Jan my progress is going quite well.

I now play NL100 6max every day as part of my mix but only 1 or 2 ZOOM tables alongside NL50/25. I have played a couple of very short sessions at NL200 but I want to play there more regularly.

My main issue is that I am in love with ZOOM and I want to play there but NL100/200 FR does not run so my options are to move to 6max or dump ZOOM. While I really enjoy 6max it is harder to multi-table as more thought is required at a faster pace.

So, from next month I will mix short sessions on ZOOM adding more 6max tables alongside longer sessions of FR on NL100/NL200 to start with and hopefully moving upwards.

Eventually I want to drop ZOOM almost completely and switch back to normal FR. Lets see what happens.

In the mean time here is Jan so far:

Maybe still an outside shot at a 100BI month

In $$:


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