Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Back at the Hundo n Two Hundo

I'm back playing NL100 and a bit of NL200 after a long time. Its probably been around 6 months since I have played regularly there.

There is definitely a noticeably difference in the player pool. You can see it in the lobby and notice it on the felt.

There are still fish and whales floating around but the regs are definitely better. At NL50 there are loads of marginal losing regs. At the Hundo they become marginal winning regs.

There are also lots more good winning regs. At NL50 you might have 1 or 2 good winning regs sitting at your full ring table. At NL100 it is more like 3,4 or 5 at every table.

Its gonna be interesting to see if I can figure out all the new villains...... Time to step up my game...


  1. There's definitely marginally losing regs at the hundo! At least, there were before Black Friday.

    Good luck!

  2. There is for sure but in terms of general patterns I think:

    NL100 - no. marginal winning regs > no. marginal losing regs


    NL50 - no. marginal losing regs > no. marginal winning regs

    Thats my observation but I may be talking out of my ****


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