Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pokerstars 6th Anniversary Sunday Million

I just thought I'd give a quick mention to this tournament that took place on Sunday.

It was the 6th Anniversary of the biggest online tourney on the planet and it generated 33,732 entrants, a pool of $6,746,400 with $1,000,000 guaranteed for first place.

I managed to beat 90% of the field and finish in 3,333rd place for $473. Its a shame that I could not run really deep. My 'one time' is still to come.

I used my FPPs to buy the ticket which helps maintain my bankroll.

The Prize distributions were as follows:

1st - $1,064,737
2nd - $635,510
3rd - $443,238
4th - $314,382
5th - $221,281
6th - $157,191
7th - $102,545
8th - $73,535
9th - $53,296
10th to 12th - $40,478
13th to 15th - $30,358
16th to 18th - $20,239
19th to 27th - $12,143
28th to 45th - $7,421
46th to 63rd - $6,071
64th to 90th - $5,059

The final eight chopped and all got between $190k - $590k. GG


  1. a least you cashed, i busted the first hour of the tourney lost AA vs 56s preallin sooo sick^^

  2. Oh Dear. That's why we play cash..!!


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