Friday, 30 March 2012

Big Daddy Update - 30/03/12

Its been a while since I did a health and fitness update so here goes.

My last post was about my obsession with doing pull ups. I really got into it and in fact so much so that I managed to injure myself on the inside of both my elbows. I got to the stage where I could do 5 proper standing start pull ups which was pretty good considering that I couldn't do any a few months before I started.

I need to realise that I am no longer a 20yr old and can't go hell for leather with exercise. :)    Slow and steady wins the race..!! I was hitting the pull ups hard and doing them every single day, sometimes twice a day.

My right elbow is completely fine now but the left one still hurts a little when I try to do a pull up. I can just about do 2 now.

My main focus now has been to switch to cardio work and try to lose weight. I ended last week at 13st 6lbs and today I am 13st 1lb after hitting the cross trainer a few times and eating less. I have a wedding to go to next Sunday and could not fit into my old suit when I tried it on a few weeks back. So my mission for the next 9 days is to lose another 4lbs or so. If not I will have to fork out for a new suit which will probably cost between $200 - $300. I will try to do 8k per day on the x-trainer.


  1. Or try an Alteration Shop. Would be a lot cheaper . Dam these pants are tight ugh ugh ping ping uh-oh where did those buttons go lol lol... Have fun at the wedding Rosh

  2. how old are you?

  3. lol thirty something hahahahah nice answer rosh


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