Sunday, 4 March 2012

WB'POOP' 2012 Ends

WBCOOP 2012 has ended in pretty unremarkable style.

I think I am done forever with playing small tournaments on their own. They are simply a waste of time.

From now on if there isn't a nice six figure 1st prize then I will stick to cash games.

Today I wasted almost four hours playing the WBCOOP Final alongside the Bigger $8.80. I just missed the cash in both but would have been far better off just playing cash games as I would have made some VPPs. The prizes were very small and as I didn't play any cash games alongside it was not really worth it.

It is also annoying how many crappy beats I take when I get dumped out. Today in the $8.80 I get AA all in pre vs the table donk's JTo and he gets a flush, GG. Then in the WBCOOP I flop a set and 1 guy has a bigger set and the other had the nut flush draw, GG. Lol Tournaments.

Anyway, let me end my winging rant and conclude my WBCOOP. I played in 11 events total, cashed in only 3, winning SCOOP tickets which means more small tournies. I will always play cash games while I play tournaments from today onwards as I makes it worthwhile. They were all freerolls so I am grateful for that, ty Stars. Hope all of you faired slightly better than me..!!

CU soon.....


  1. Can't agree more! Cash seems to be a more stable income than tournaments. It's such a pain when you bust out on the bubble or even fall 1 man short from Final table after 6 hours of play!
    MTTs are a hell of a nice way to boost a bankroll if you do make the top 4, IMO. But really, you have to be running like God to make it that far.
    I always keep atleast 2 ring tables running or even sometimes hop on the 15$ 180 man turbos. It's a much quicker format with a good pay for 3~4 hours.
    You can find my last update on WBCOOP on:

  2. Only Sunday Millions for me now Geo..!!


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