Thursday, 22 March 2012

ZOOM Poker - The Experiment

Zoom poker is the new, fast-paced ring game format. It’s just like your favorite poker games, except your opponents change every hand. This is because you are playing against a pool of players rather than a fixed set of opponents on a single table.

When you fold in Zoom you are immediately moved to a hand at a new table. You can fold at any point in the hand when you are facing a bet. You can even click the ‘Fast Fold’ button, which allows you to fold when it is not yet your turn to act. This greatly speeds up the action, because you can move on to the next hand before everyone else finishes playing their hand.

One of the things I like about poker is the table dynamics that build up when you sit at a table playing hand after hand with the same guys and try to figure them out. Multi tabling means lots of different dynamics at each table you play. You lose a bit of this with zoom.

Pokerstars have essentially copied Rush Poker from Full Tilt and come with with zoom which has been live this week. I don't like it as much as playing 16 tables like I do now but it does have some advantages.

VPP grinders can play many more hands per hour at each table and therefore get bonuses a lot quicker. Short sessions are now feasible and this is what I have been using zoom for. The are a few times each day when I have between 5-20 mins spare and cannot fire up a grind session as its too short. Now I can with zoom..!!

So far it seems pretty cool but for me it will be a supplementary game and not a substitute for my normal games.


  1. been seeing a lot of poker stars advertising on your page lately rosh. planning on team online in the near future?

  2. All this free advertising they get :D, lucky ****s. I've tried on 4 or 5 occasions to get into team online. That dream was over a long time ago..!!

  3. hey rosh any idea when table ninja or holdem manager are gonna work with zoom?

  4. i dont think team online is out of the future totally mate. Volty! where you been you havnt posted in like 3 months

  5. I heard one week for HEM. TN works already with zoom but not perfectly

  6. alright mate

    (wtf at QPR??!!)

    whats your initial thoughts on tactics for Full ring Zoom?

  7. zoom is fishy big time at the moment, for me it seems like the normal tables are very dry.Only fish action i got was on nl400 since zoom came out.
    btw tableninja is working fine, you only need to use windows 7 aero design, and holdemmanager has a working beta on the forums.

  8. I think HEM2 is working but HEM1 is still due for an update. TN is working but some of the hot keys are not perfect yet.

    Rossi, it seems a bit fishy but I aint played enough yet. I played NL25 zoom and saw some ridonkulous stuff but that may be normal for NL25 across the levels.

    The theory is that whales playing 65/20 or 88/5 will tighten up as they don't have to wait with zoom. this means that they may fold Q5s even tho it looks pretty to them.

    However they will still play bad post flop so if enough of them move to zoom it will become more profitable than FR or 6max


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